Custom, Hand Made Insoles

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If you want to have a perfect base for every step you take the Comfort Ortho JKB will do the job. Precisely designed, individual Comfort Ortho JKB orthotic insoles perfectly eliminate all ailments resulting from abnormal posture and provide additional assistance in their treatment.

Individual approach: Each order is approached individually. Based on the examinations aimed at verifying the foot shape and prints, unique plaster casts are taken and proper materials are selected to match a specific condition — these are soft, medium and very hard thermoplastics. The insoles are composed of minimum three types of materials, giving a chance for developing special blockages that ensure a neutral position of legs.

The insoles treat conditions resulting from imbalance in the neutral leg position:

  • lumbosacral pain,
  • degenerative hip pain,
  • degenerative knee pain
  • knee pain,
  • spinal pain,
  • rheumatic pain,
  • hip pain,
  • joint laxity in children
  • other back problems

The insoles ensure excellent outcomes in treatment for varius conditions such as:

  • hallux valgus,
  • heel spur,
  • diabetic foot,
  • plantar fasciitis,
  • fallen transverse arch,
  • neuromas,
  • mallet toe deformities,
  • ankle and knee joint valgus deformity,
  • hip joint degenerative disease