Back problems are the most prevalent health problem in Switzerland, are a leading cause of reduced work performance and disability, and are one of the most common reasons for missed work with one-half of all working adults admitting to having back pain symptoms each year.

They are only outnumbered by upper-respiratory infections. As an employer, you can help to prevent the above facts and do something for your employees.

Actively promoting Preventive Healthcare is one of the most beneficial actions a responsible employer and company can engage employees’ in, which falls under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility and assistance in Work – Health – Life balance.

As a Certified Foundation Training Instructor, I can offer short and effective classes to groups of employees at desired locations or premises and assist your company in assuring the staff stays healthier and in turn more productive.

All that is required is little space for free movement, a desire to feel stronger and better, and willingness to try something new. No equipment is necessary, I will provide everything that is needed.