My story with Foundation Training.

My story with FT started five years ago, when after years of playing volleyball on all levels my back took its toll of compression, pounding, jumping, twisting and hyperextensions. I’ve had back issues before, however it was not until I had to sleep with my legs up on a wall (yes, that is a strange mental picture) to survive the pain, that I realized I had to really find a different approach to fix my back issues. Prior to that I‘ve seen my share of chiropractors (thank Goodness for them!), massage therapists (oh, how I enjoy the feeling after a good massage and the “it hurts so good” kind of feeling, while the muscles relax), of pills (at times it seemed like the only remedy), yet these methods only treated my symptoms and gave me a relatively short time relief. The pain kept coming back at different unpredictable moments. However, at that moment my wife, seeing me in pain did some clever search along with uncle Google, and found Foundation Training. I started to read all the information, then I experimented with the exercises, ordered and read the book from cover to cover and realized, that this simply makes sense. I practised more regularly and when I really put my mind to it I got my back to be strong and solid. There were times, that due to excessive playing, or playing in less than perfect conditions (a day of beach volleyball that is just a bit too cold or wet, is often a killer) has brought some pain back, but relying on FT, I could bring myself back to normality relatively quickly. So, I believe that there is nothing that guarantees you no pain ever again, however I know that FT brings you out of pain and can strengthen your muscular system enough, where the chances of pain and injury are so much smaller. As I continued to work on my technique and form, I came across many people with back problems and have recommended and even taught them FT. I kept buying books as presents for those with back issues and became an active advocate for this strengthening method. In the meantime the FT team, also wasted no time and they have expanded into a solid team of professional practitioners and trainers. With some unexpected events, I decided to travel from Switzerland to the US as it turned out that Dr. Eric Goodman, the founder of FT and now the Chief Imagineer along with his extremely dedicated and talented team were offering certifications for trainers. As a vacation was overdue, I packed up along with my family and we headed for Florida for some rays and to start the intense certification process. It was an incredible immersion into the further developed FT techniques, new poses, advanced exercises and refound methods. These guys know what they are doing. They have helped A LOT of people with problems and strengthened others that simply wanted to feel better, have a better posture, feel solid and confident. FT works with professional athletes but also and mostly with (extra) ordinary people like you from all ages and backgrounds. They certainly also work with physical trainers and coaches, and it was an eye opening experience to meet and to hear their stories of getting “From Pain to Performance” – as the slogan of FT emphasises. The FT team look at integrated chains of muscles and the body as a whole and not just isolated points, which really changes the way you move, look, feel and act. It was simply great. I’ve learned so much and I look forward to assisting others on their journey to a better life. If you’ve tried other things… now it’s time for Plan B. Now I am happy to continue to help and assist many people who need/want/must do something in order to get healthier, to get out of pain, to improve their stability and posture and decompress from the effects of our XXI century lifestyles in order to enjoy a full life again.