Just as hard as it is to find time to exercise throughout our busy lives, it is also hard to find time to blog. However, I was so delighted to get back some spontaneous feedback from my client that I had to write something and share my joy of being able to make people feel better.
“Yesterday after Lunch i stood up and for the first time, i felt relieved… no pain and also no pressure in the back, no sort of tension, just awesome. i haven’t had this feeling for years! Thank you!!!!! That feeling was awesome: I was like, wait, am i in water or space? Awesome! You are the Man!!!!”
This is the motivation not only for others but for me to do what I do. I guess, part of it is simply through the painful (literally) experience that I had to go through myself. I remember where simply nothing would work to take the pain away and then going through some weeks of FT I felt better and better and finally pain free. Brilliant feeling when nothing hurts.
The focus and concentration on the exercises during the sessions that Matthias, this client has is great. I see and know that part of the reason why he feels so much better is his ability to put a lot of attention to detail while exercising.
Mind of matter. The moment you really want to feel the particular muscles, pressures, tension or flexing you will get so much more out of the exercise vs. just going through the motions unfocused.
Which brings me to another point of a very desirable side effect of practising Foundation Training: in many ways it also feels like meditation and carries many benefits of doing so.
Good day.